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Mar 06 2015

Noisy Neighbours

I was extremely excited to move into my brand new home back in 2012. I bought a new build property which due to adverse weather and other unforeseen circumstances kept being delayed, which most probably made me all the more keen to move in. Id saved up, and had a little help from my parents, and was raring to move in as it was the first time I’d ever lived away from home, but what I anticipated to be a fun and exciting new adventure, turned into a nightmare.

I picked up my keys on the Friday and...
Feb 04 2015

Think twice about representing yourself in court!

My brother and his wife went through quite a messy divorce. It was very emotional and was dragged out over many years. It was also made hard by the fact that my brother and his ex-wife had three young girls together. When he was in court my brother chose to represent himself, and he ended up regretting it.

My brother’s ex-wife was the one to get proceedings underway as she filed for divorce. She had a solicitor that she planned to pay for using her share of the equity she would receive when they...
Jan 16 2015

Making a Will cost me a small fortune!

A few months back I was persuaded by a friend to write a Will as i have never thought about it before. After a few personal issues within the family i thought it would be a good time make a will as i read that dying without a Will (intestate) would mean that people who i did not wish to inherit from me, would. My friend mentioned that a Will writing company would be cheaper than using a solicitor, so after a few hours of searching the internet i came across one which was rather local. After arra...
Dec 17 2014

I was finally able to marry my 'civil partner'!

I have been with my civil partner for over 6 years now and we decided to tie the knot 2 years back. However, at the back of our minds we was always aware that it was not quite the same as 'marriage'. We didn't believe that the law would ever change, especially anytime soon so we were completely shocked to find that from the 10th December 2014, civil partners would have the right to convert their unions into full marriages.
Dec 09 2014

I was hit by a drunk driver and have just received the compensation I deserve...

Last Christmas, I was hit by a drunk driver who was also speeding. After just leaving a petrol station and about to join a main road i was suddenly hit by a car. the driver was over the limit and so were the passengers. after getting out my car in agony a witness told me exactly what had happened. She explained that she had stopped at the red lights which were to the right of me and the car behind her (the car that hit me) just didn't stop and in order to avoid her, went straight through the lig...
Nov 19 2014

Claiming for Constructive Dismissal

My (successful) Constructive Dismissal case has finally come to an end and although I’m thrilled with the outcome and how my solicitor handled it, I’m so glad it’s all over!

My relief at being able to draw a line under the whole thing is because it feels like it has dragged on for years. I was an administration assistant at a recruitment consultancy for just over a year and when I started I was really enjoying the role but after a while I began dreading going to work.

I was the only admin assis...
Nov 13 2014

Hit by an uninsured driver

I have been driving for over 20 years and luckily had never had an accident until recently.

My car was hit from behind whilst it was stationary at a set of traffic lights. It wasn’t particularly busy so I was completely shocked, and to make matters worse the driver just sped off, leading me to believe they did not have insurance or were driving illegally. Luckily there were a couple of extremely helpful witnesses who saw the accident.

I sought legal advice and found a solicitor firm to help wit...
Nov 04 2014

Equal pay and mothers going back to work!

I have just written a response to a post which related to the recent ASDA scandal on workers not getting equal pay in the employment law forum. I also read an article recently in the Metro as mentioned by another member in the forum about equal pay. I don't believe a 9% rise to 29% of women earning more than men anything to shout about as this clearly suggests that a staggering 71% of men are still earning more than women. I am not sure if this is for the same job but it clearly suggests that th...
Oct 31 2014

An online divorce saved me time money and stress!

Hi everyone,

I recently completed my divorce using an online divorce service that was backed by a national solicitor’s frim. I actually came across the link in the family law forum on LawStore Social –

I’d heard a lot about online divorce services and how they cost effective some of them can be. I wanted a divorce but could not afford a hefty legal bill and the thought of dealing with solicitors astronomical hourly rates terrified me because I knew I...
Oct 29 2014

Buying a house with my partner but I earn more?

My partner and I are currently in the process of buying a home together which is already proving to be tricky with property prices currently sky high. Some of my friends have already bought a property with their long-term partners and some have ended badly which has resulted in the sale of their homes. Out of these friends one of them was usually earning more than the other with the one earning more paying a larger percentage of the mortgage.