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ask the experts

ask the experts on lawstoresocial

At Lawstore Social we offer forum members the opportunity to ask a fully qualified solicitor about any legal issue that they might be experiencing or have experienced. By asking the experts, you will be able to engage with a knowledgeable solicitor online so you can be assured that the legal advice given is both accurate and legally correct.

Once you have ‘asked the experts’ you will have the option to choose which area of the law you would like to discuss. By doing this, lawstore social will be able to connect with a solicitor who is an expert in the particular field you require. At LawStore Social, we want to ensure that the legal advice you seek is both informative and relevant, helping you to find a resolution to your issue or even aid you in taking legal action. So no matter what your legal issue is, LawStore Social can put you in touch with the right advice!

LawStore social uses a panel of expert solicitors, who combined, can help resolve and offer legal advice on all the areas of the law found in the discussion forum. Our panel of solicitors which are part of the LawStore group understand that every legal case is different, ensuring that all legal advice given is both personalised and accurate according to the issue.

If your legal issue has not been discussed on the forum, ask the expert is a great way to make a personal enquiry. Once you have asked the expert and explained your legal issue in detail, one of our panel solicitors will contact you to ascertain whether you have a case or to advise you on your next steps following on from your discussion. Asking the expert is great way to get the assurance you need to overcome your legal issue and get the answers you have been looking for. Simply click on ‘ask the expert’ to start your discussion.

For further information on our panel solicitors, visit the LawStore today!
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