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about us

what is lawstoresocial?

LawStore Social is a legal Q&A and networking forum with linking, bookmarking and networking facilities.

It is a platform for anyone with a legal issue or experience to share, allowing you to interact with other likeminded people. You can:
  • Search posts and topics for answers to your queries
  • Learn from other members’ experiences
  • Speak with a qualified solicitor in ask the experts
  • Share links or bookmarked pages
  • Take part in legal Q&A discussions
  • Interact with the forum community
  • Connect with other LawStore Social members
  • Create posts and topics that you are interested in
create a profile, start sharing

As a LawStore Social member you can interact and network with other users, search for and connect with other members and invite friends outside the network to 'join the community'.

Members can integrate their profile with other social media platforms - for example Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

You can create topic PODS for specific groups, lists, links or news. You can have any number of PODS set up to keep up to date with different topics.

When you interact within your own LawStore Social network you can if you wish, automatically post to other social media platforms, which will increase your sharing profile ability and how far your network reaches.

why use lawstoresocial?

LawStore Social is an invaluable resource, giving you the opportunity to connect with likeminded people about legal issues, to find answers to your questions and to share your experience and knowledge.

If you’re thinking of consulting a lawyer, visit LawStore Social first and get answers that could save you time and money.

Whether you are a member of the public, law student, Solicitor or legal professional you can make LawStore Social work for you.

We are not trying to replace social networks, and in fact encourage you to log in via one of your existing profiles as this will increase your network reach.

LawStore Social also gives you the opportunity to find, network and communicate about specific topics in the legal community. In turn it can potentially increase your total social networking reach by doing so.

If you require expert legal advice from a fully qualified solicitor, Lawstore Social also gives you the opportunity to ask an expert. . This feature allows you to interact with one of our panel solicitors on a particular legal issue you are experiencing. All legal advice provided is given by an expert solicitor to ensure all legal advice given is both accurate and straightforward.